TLS does tax return due to trading hundreds of cracked ov-chipkaart


Translink Systems, the administrator of the ov-chipkaart system, has reported to the police because ‘large-scale’ manner modified ov-chipkaart to purchase were offered. Experts warned earlier for the vulnerable card.

According to Fidelity, over a hundred ov-chipkaart for 17,50 euros per piece offered for sale through Marketplace, and through the now-closed websites and On the cards was a balance of 150 euro. This amount is probably through a card reader on the easy to crack Mifare Classic chips placed.

TLS would be the fraud with the ov-chipkaart on the track came when a RAILWAY employee the tip was received that a person hundred ov-chipkaart had purchased. These cards would now by Translink Systems are blocked.

What is surprising is the fraud cases does not; in addition to the fact that the Mifare Classic chip easily can be cracked by which the balance is to adjust, the necessary card readers anywhere on the internet to purchase. Also, the software is found online. TLS had in april know that the weekly new fraud cases discovered.

Nevertheless, the map is gradually introduced in the Netherlands, and on 1 July the ‘new’ ticket in almost the entire public transport system. Also, freelancejournalist Brenno de Winter as possible by the prosecution, after he publicly to the jaw had been informed that the ov-chipkaart easily lend itself to fraud.