The Zika-diagnosis and its impact



The Zika-diagnosis and its impact

I Zika? This question is especially for Pregnant of meaning. German researchers have developed a Test. But also does not help in the difficult decisions after diagnosis.

Only about one out of five people with the Zika Virus have been infected will actually get sick. But what only positive sounds, can also be a Problem: For example, if a Pregnant woman or a woman planning to become pregnant, ask yourself whether it is infected with the Virus.

The biotechnology company Genekam from Duisburg now has a remedy. Their researchers have developed a Test, with the help of laboratory technicians, a blood sample to Zika can investigate.

“Our Test is DNA-based and works with chemicals, only the Zika Virus can prove,” says Sudhir Bhartia, the Test has helped. “He does not respond to similar pathogens, such as Dengue fever.”

With this kit, experts can determine whether a Person with the Zika Virus has infected

The Test shows exactly how many viruses are in the blood. The first delivery of the mini-laboratory is already to Brazil on the way. That is, although the Test is not even long Zulassungszeit has gone through, the in the pharmaceutical industry is commonplace. The reason: It is an emergency because of the Virus in Brazil and other Parts of America
as quickly spreads

Laboratory test or Wait

A simple family doctor will take blood samples of his patients, but not on the exciter can be examined.

“The Test is only allowed by qualified technical personnel to be used, so that no mistakes happen,” stresses virologist Bhartia. Therefore, the test kits only to institutes and laboratories, the know-how and the technical equipment have to take it professionally. The costs, however, are low, they are around five Euro for a Test.

For tourists who are from a high risk area back in your home country, for example Germany, it is even easier: Wait. This takes a bit longer, of course.

“If three weeks after the return of any symptoms have occurred, then is not going to happen anymore,” says Christian Drosten of the society for Virology (GfV). “And two weeks after the Virus is no longer safe in the body.”

Still no proven connection to Mikrozephalie

But what if an illness occurs? The Zika Virus is usually not life-threatening and
runs adults pretty bland
however , with fever, arthralgia and rash.

But in Brazil, it is with the dangerous birth defects Mikrozephalie associated. The affected children come with a small head to the world what brain damage can result. Around 4,000 suspected cases are in Brazil already.

Studies, a direct correlation to ascertain, there is not yet, but some experts speak of a very high probability.

Drosten: only a loose correlation between Zika and Mikrozephalie

Drosten, Institute for Virology at the Universitätsklinikum Bonn forwards, doubts this: “The Zika Virus are still too many aspects are not understood to be a direct causation of the Mikrozephalie to talk about”. His personal opinion, it is more likely that it to birth defects, if there is the mother in the pregnancy a Rötelninfektion had, as if it was a Zikainfektion had.

A difficult ethical question

Brazil’s Ministry of health has so far, over 700 suspected cases tested. At only 270 babies was Mikrozephalie found, at 462, however definitely excluded. Currently less than ten of the Mikrozephalie cases the experts of the Ministry of health a Zikainfektion can prove.

“I think that maybe it is only a very loose correlation between the Zika Virus and Mikrozephalie”, says Drosten. Nevertheless, he can understand, that pregnant women Worry about, the recent South America were and the Zika Virus have been captured. “The woman is not so much medically, but psychologically and ethically a Problem with them,” says the virologist.

Although there is the possibility of an early abortion. But whether the unborn child is really Mikrozephalie suffer, can only be done at a later Schwangerschaftsstadium notice, because the head in the womb, not at an earlier time can be measured.