“The sales number of BlackBerry devices falls to 1.9 million”


BlackBerry has over the past three months to 1.9 million smartphones sold. That has the company in the quarterly results published. The number of sales has dropped considerably compared to previous quarters, but the loss remained nevertheless limited.

The introduction of the Passport seems to be the number of sales has not helped. BlackBerry does not take the sales of the Passport itself. In total, however, 1.9 million devices sold, where that last quarter’s 2.4 was a year ago, to 4.3 million units.

In the third quarter, a turnover of 793 million dollars earned, converted approximately 645 million euros. Thereof is about 46 percent from hardware, an equally large percentage of that yield is the result of a variety of different services and the remaining 8 percent is the result of software-related goods and other income. A year earlier, was still a higher revenue of almost 1.2 billion dollars, about 1 billion euro.

BlackBerry stands at the end of the stripe is still in the minus, but the loss is greatly decreased. In the third period of 2014 is a loss of 148 million dollars ago, or 120 million euro. In comparison with a year-earlier figures, thanks to substantial cost savings. In the comparable quarter of 2013 was the loss by $ 4.4 billion, significantly larger, converted to 3,58 billion.