“Technicians are working on realization Hyperloop of Elon Musk,”


A hundred engineers are currently working on the Hyperloop, a futuristic high-speed train that entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk last year presented. Their work appears to smooth gradients, because they build all prototypes.

The technicians are working normally with reputable companies, such as Boeing, NASA and SpaceX. In their free time tinkering on the other hand, when a company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is called. This company strives to be the Hyperloop to develop and, eventually exploit it. The engineers get no money. Instead, they receive a share in the company, which they ever hope to earn some money.

Entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk unveiled the Hyperloop last year. The system seems to be a combination between old-fashioned buizenpost and Japanese bullettrains. The capsules in the tubes are in a closed tube, electromagnetic means, for example, Tweakers rather mixed. On long, straight stretches would be the high-speed train has a speed of 1220 kilometers per hour.

Several American media report that the work on the Hyperloop runs smoothly. They published images which is to see how the technicians and models for the Hyperloop. In addition, they made drawings available that the capsules show. It appears that there may be different classes, including one for businessmen.

Besides models and drawings examine more than twenty students, which are common in aerospace work, the technical realisation of the plan. The first results of that research appear to be expected the middle of next year, in which there are reportedly several adjustments are proposed. Previously calculated and confirmed technicians all the physical feasibility of the Hyperloop.

Also investigate the engineers potential routes for the new transport system. Musk mentioned a connection between San Francisco and Los Angeles, but that would by political and geographical differences can be risky. That’s why the technicians to routes from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and in the longer term to a complete network in the United States.

So far as known, there are no companies who have signed up to the Hyperloop actually build and use. Therefore, the plans are still at an early stage. Estimates also show that the whole Hyperloopconcept between 7 and 16 billion dollars is going to cost. While Musk 4 billion predicted.