Square Enix to start case against 15 Italians to leak Deus Ex


Publisher Square Enix has filed a lawsuit against 15 Italians. That would be a previewbuild of Deus Ex: Human Revolution stolen and posted online. The lawsuit should be in Washington.

Square Enix stated in a may a previewbuild of the pc version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution available to various media. Just like Tweakers.net also got the Italian magazine GMC decision about an early version of the rpg. The game was download from a ftp site of the publisher. The login details of GMC bleaching leaked, which the magazine intended build was downloaded and then via torrentsites was offered.

The publisher thinks the theft may link to 15 Italians and is now a lawsuit initiated against the group. The case should be in Washington. The publisher states that the 15 have infringed the copyright of the publisher and that they the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is broken. The publisher is demanding compensation from the Itailanen and a fee for the costs incurred. Why the publisher is the case in Washington to serve and not in Italy, is not clear. The publisher suspected the magazine, not. The infringement would be committed from an ip address that is not associated with the magazine, and without the knowledge of the leaf.