Sms traffic within the uk can sometimes be more expensive than from abroad


KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile appear to be for domestic text messages outside the bundle substantially longer to charge than messages from abroad will be sent. Also within the bundle are domestic text messages are sometimes more expensive.

KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile charge 13 cents for sending an sms from abroad; thus they keep to the EU rules on roaming. However, it appears that there are several subscriptions to be offered where a domestic sms is more expensive than from abroad. When sending an sms message outside the beam passes the difference between a foreign text and sometimes even further.

When Vodafone subscription is closed where only the minutes in the bundle, there is an sms, 30 cent be settled, as appears from an inspection of the rates. Sending a text message abroad is a bit cheaper: there should be 29 cents to be paid for. Also at the conclusion of a subscription with sms in the bundle, takes a message, sometimes substantially more than 13 cents. It is, however, a free sms-multiplier’ to convert, so that at the cheapest subscription is the highest bundeltarief at 13 cents comes out. With every subscription is that outside of the bundle 30 cents per text message billed to be.

At KPN does a sms’you with the cheapest Personal Sim subscription 20 cents. Only when a subscription of 42,50 euro per month is a text with 12 cents cheaper than the legal maximum for a sms sent from abroad. Outside of the bundle to pay customers even 35 cents per piece.

Also T-Mobile allows customers sometimes sharply, to pay more than 13 cents per sms. The cheapest Relax-subscription of 12.50 euros per month, has a cost of 21 cents per piece. The customer is only cheap, 12 cents per sms, for a subscription of 29.50 euro per month. Outside the bundle there must be another 30 cents per piece to be paid. Also with the cheaper i-subscriptions is counting T-Mobile, significantly more than 13 cents per sms outside the bundle should be 35 cents per sms will be charged.

Hi, KPN is the owner, is the sending of a sms at a subscription within the bundle does not exceed 13 cents per piece. However, it must be again a free sms-multiplier to be turned on. Outside of the bundle should be there for 16.5 cents per sms to be paid, which is substantially less than that of KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile. With a Telfort subscription, KPN, is 30 cents for an sms outside the bundle are charged. When there is an sms bundle subscription, is the maximum, however, 6 cents per message.

KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile let their customers so sharply pay more for a domestic sms message outside the beam than the EU allows for the sending of a sms from abroad. Because the sending of a sms from abroad, roaming charges are incurred, are these messages for the provider are more expensive than domestic sms traffic. It is therefore likely that the profit margin on the outside of the bundle of smss sent is high.

It is in many cases possible to have a paid sms bundle to exit. An alternative is the conclusion of a sim-only subscription, where the price per sms is usually lower. Because of this customers, however no discount on a new phone.

The EU has set the maximum amount of 13 cents for a foreign sms in July 2009, introduced to the high roaming rates to address. European commissioner Neelie Kroes wants that in 2015 the differences between domestic and foreign rates are gone. In particular, the costs for data usage abroad are too high. When Kroes equal domestic and foreign rates is in force, it seems now that providers in some cases, their domestic rates will have to decrease.

Over the three years, the costs for roaming again be reduced: by sms from 1 July 2014 the cap to 10 cents per piece. Call would not be more than 24 cents per minute, allowed to cost, while that for calls received up to 10 cents per minute. For dates apply as from that date, a maximum price of 50 cents per megabyte.


35 cents
30 cents
30 cents / 35 cents
16,5 cents
30 cents

Prices outside the abonnementsbundel per sms