Reappraisal of the new year’s eve: writer Feridun Zaimoglu sees “the crisis of the Muslim man”



Reappraisal of the new year’s eve: writer Feridun Zaimoglu sees “the crisis of the Muslim man”

Feridoun Zaimoglu finds drastic words for the Attacks in the Cologne, new year’s eve. Islam calls the writer of Turkish origin, a “Saustall”. Also other intellectuals to Express themselves critically.

Feridun Zaimoglu is applied, if he about the sexual Assault of hundreds of women in the new year’s eve in Cologne: “We Muslims have in our own Saustall clean up – because we have a Saustall”, he said in an Interview with the German press Agency. Also he as a writer wants is not the responsibility of shirk. The 51-Year-old, with novels such as “Kanak Sprak” or “Hinterland” of successes celebrated, is not a crisis of Islam, but to “a crisis of Muslim men with inferiority complexes”. Many Muslims could be empowered women, not as a social reality to accept.

Zaimoglu: “debate on Migration is positive”

Overall rating Zaimoglu, the debate on the Cologne-based Assaults as positive and as evidence of the freedom of speech in Germany. The sexual Assault must be the same scourge, “as otherwise one of East German Nazis, or the West German Hooligans speaks”. Zaimoglu predicts a growing gap in society – it drive to solidarity. This led the Christian churches and the Islamic associations has for some time been in a dialogue and come peacefully with each other: “It’s not about religions, it is a question that people with religious or national coat of paint – strange Borderline people out there, the social peace to Klump want to beat.”

Also Navid Kermani laments the inequality in the society

Navid Kermani at the awarding of the peace prize of the German book trade in Frankfurt

Only a few days ago, the writer Navid Kermani in an Interview with the “mirror” is very critical with Cologne’s new year’s eve apart. Already in his speech on the occasion of the awarding of the peace prize of the German book trade in October 2015 defendant the 48-Year-old son of Iranian immigrants, the decline of Islam.

The crime of Moroccan gangs in his hometown of Cologne, he observed for some time. He surmised that these groups come to Germany to work, “because it is simpler: more revenue, less police, which is also not as uncomfortable as the police in Morocco.” Kermani warns against a hasty condemnation of the Arab man: “These problems are no Arab Gene is owed, but are applied: population explosion and economic liberalization to a visible wealth of a few have led to the ever greater obscene.” If we are in a “cultural Überlegenheitsdiskurs” set up would be the only “fronts harden“.

Serdar Somuncu

The German-Turkish Comedy-Star Serdar Somuncu calls in the Tagesspiegel to the new year’s eve events in Cologne not too much exaggerate. Such Attacks have also been given years ago. Nevertheless, should the discussion about Integration open manner: “the Crucial thing now would be an open-minded debate about how we in this country imagine, in ten years. The trust the most out of your Parteiräson not.”

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