Players encounter alternate reality game is divided over several indiegames


In multiple indie games are the puzzle pieces and characters found that are very much away from each other and connect to each other. On Reddit users and gamers looking for more puzzle pieces to figure out what the solution is.

Multiple indie games are connected with the alternate reality game or arg. This was players when there in different games, a striking ‘eye’-symbol was found. At first it seemed to only Steam games, but it turned out later also games that are not on Steam are related. At the time of writing, there are seven puzzle pieces found, and there is an eighth game that the eye contains, but where there is still no puzzle piece is found.

The games in which puzzle pieces are found, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Mini Metro, Legend of Dungeon, The Magic Circle, Neon Struct, Mos Speedrun 2 and Flickers. In Kingdom of Loathing is the eye also found, but a corresponding piece of the jigsaw puzzle is still not found. In this last game is the eye since 2014.

There seems to be no consistency regarding the type of games and the site. For example, in some games the puzzle hidden in the gamebestanden, while in other cases it can be found in the game itself when certain conditions are met.

The puzzle pieces seem to be connected with as a result of a round maze where the arrow is probably the starting point is on the outer line. The end-point is likely to be a square, but the information is not fixed. This is because there are more puzzle pieces seem to miss. What to do with the result to do is after the finish of the doolhofpuzzel is not known.

On Reddit and on a Discord-chat server works gamers together to discover new puzzle pieces and connecting the pieces to the already existing part of the maze. This is a comprehensive spreadsheet showing all the tested games will be shown, and what has or has not been found. Also, one of the researchers, all the puzzle pieces in a message on .

One of the theories that has been proposed suggests that the arg has to do with the new game from Jonathan Blow, The Witness. That game is full of puzzles and fits well in the extended arg-puzzle in which gamers work. The Witness, however, and until now is still no match is found. Another theory suggests that it is possible not a flat maze, but a 3d-puzzle, such as a sphere. Yet here is also no proof for.

The use of alternate reality in 2015 to popularity. So there was the arg in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, which tweets deciphered had to be, and there are quests in the real world were needed to find clues. Also Valve introduced a small alternate reality game during the Winter Sale.