Netherlands to bomb IS in Syria


“Islamic State”

Netherlands to bomb IS in Syria

New mission radius: The Netherlands are already flying with F-16 Jets attacks in Iraq. Now expand the fight against the IS jihadists – a highly charged political issue in the homeland of the soldiers.

Advanced combat: Dutch F-16 Jets in the air (file picture)

The Netherlands participate in the aerial war against the Terrormiliz “Islamic state” (IS) in Syria. The decided the coalition government in The Hague. Plans especially include attacks in the Syrian East. From there, supplies the IS of his fighters in the neighboring country of Iraq. The mandate initially until the beginning of July apply.

“We are convinced that only a common approach to Iraq and Syria, new stability can bring,” said foreign Minister Bert Koenders. The Netherlands are already for 2014 with four F-16 fighter jets in attacks, the international military Alliance to this day in Iraq involved. The US had the Dutch government requested to use Syria to expand. Also France had after the attacks of November to support asked.

The editorial recommends

It is the tougher fight from 60 countries, existing Anti-IS coalition. But NATO is afraid of, apparently, as the devil fears Holy water, in its entirety in the conflict with the Terrormiliz to be drawn into. (28.01.2016)

Prior to the scheduled Start of the Syria peace talks in Geneva, the violence in the Bürgerkriegsland continue unabated. Last but not least, in the former rebel stronghold city of Homs is the Horror remained. (26.01.2016)

Under the leadership of the United States to fight numerous partners, including NATO members France and the UK, the IS in Syria and Iraq from the air. Germany provides for these employments Tornado reconnaissance aircraft and an aircraft available. In Syria flies since the end of September, Russia also attacks.

Social Democrats steer a

Prior to the decision of the Dutch government, the social democratic coalition partner’s concerns against an extension of the Anti-IS-Kampfgebiets abandoned. This ensures a broad majority in the Parliament, where Syria still has to agree. In addition to the right-wing liberal party of Prime Minister Mark Rutte is also in favour of a large part of the Oppositionslagers the Mission. In the past, had The Hague is always a UN-mandate for the condition.

Foreign assignments in the UK is a highly charged political issue. A Mission of Dutch peacekeepers in Bosnia was in 1995 in the Disaster come to an end. At the time, had the Bosnian Serbs in the Srebrenica genocide of some 8,000 Muslim men and teenagers killed – in the presence of the Dutch soldiers. The UN war crimes Tribunal described the massacre later than genocide. 2010 is in The Hague, a government on the dispute over the use in Afghanistan is broken.

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