Italy wants to be in Europe again, more say



Italy wants to be in Europe again, more say

Germany and Italy need just now in the refugee question. Angela Merkel and Matteo Renzi know this, and appreciate you also. Nevertheless you currently no unclouded relationship. It depends on the money.

One hour was for the Meeting between the German Chancellor and the Italian Prime Minister in Berlin scheduled at the end were two out of it. Apparently, there had Angela Merkel and Matteo Renzi far more concerns than planned. It is no wonder. Last time was the relationship between Rome and Berlin is tense. For months, Renzi at every opportunity against the from his point of view of German dominance in Europe denounced.

Behind it, the Italians have trouble getting your budget to get a handle on. While Matteo Renzi is a young and dynamic Reformer and has in its now two years that I was Finance Minister of his ambitious reform agenda is already quite a bit enforced. “Italy is no longer the Problem in Europe, as in the recent past, our country was the case,” stressed Renzi in Berlin.

You could call it blackmail, call

Problems there are still enough. After years of recession, the Italian economy only very slowly back in the swing of things. Unemployment is still high, especially among young people under 25. Renzi is of the opinion that the state with investments, help needed, and plans for higher public spending. He also has in his budget for the current year as additional funds scheduled to Steuerversprechen redeem his voters.

Reformer Renzi: pressure from all sides

This planning could be the EU Commission, frustrate, on a strict austerity throbs. Behind this attitude suggest the Italian also German Budget Rigour. Will Matteo Renzi does not accept and is taking a gamble. He refuses to have money in the three-billion-Euro heavy EU funds for financing of Flüchtlingshilfen in the Turkey Deposit, as long as the fiscal Rules in the stability Pact not be relaxed.

“We expect some answers to specific questions, we go on a short way to the Commission have directed,” says Renzi to demand his intentions and stressed that Italy have basically no Problem with the Turkey agreement. “There is no doubt that, of course, we also make our contribution will be, as soon as these answers have arrived.”

Merkel needs successes

So that brings Renzi, the German Chancellor, who he personally always well understood, in distress. You have the conversation with your Italian colleagues explained that the implementation of the Turkey-Agenda “urgent” was, “because we, of course, progress need,” she said. “The control of Maritime borders is the only way to work.” On the Western Balkans Route are currently every day 2000 refugees on the road, the be for the winter months, high Numbers. “We must, above all, the illegality in the fight,” said Merkel with view on the tractors, still well deserved, refugees by sea to Greece and Italy to locks.

Germany to Turkey: German-Turkish Regierungskosultationen at 22.1. in Berlin

“I think we are in a very delicate Phase of European history, and I personally feel the whole responsibility upon me weighed,” is Renzis answer. “I think that there are more points to us than those that divide us.” Germany and Italy had in the issue of Migration is a common Position. He also put on a European solution and on the Outside, and sea borders to protect.

The Wind has turned

“If Europe Schengen gives up, then that means that Europe itself gives up.” The European Ideal would have to be reinvigorated, it must together be made, and that will Italy definitely participate. “We want more Europe, a stronger and more efficient Europe that is able to address all the issues to find an answer on the Migration, the economy, the Innovation.”

Matteo Renzi gives a lot of trouble, his friendship with Angela Merkel and Germany to emphasize. On the other hand, but he can not be swayed. He wants more flexibility in its financial management and debt reduction and white in a strong Position. “Over the years, it seemed as if the Problem of Migration, a purely Italian Problem.” Today knew all of that it is a European Problem, the months stop going, maybe even years. “And this is something that you can’t in a single week solve it,” he adds.