HTC promises longer battery life of future smartphones


The battery life of smartphones is going in the coming year to significantly improve. That says HTC ceo Drew Bamford. The improvements are mainly found in more energy-efficient processors, networking and software-based adjustments, according to Bramford.

It is unclear how much the battery life in the upcoming year to improve. “I may not have the exact figures”, said a designer of HTC’s Android skin, Sense, in a conversation with “But you are going to in the coming year, a drastic improvement by the developments we’re working on now.”

The improvements are in both hardware and software. “We now have the first smartphones with dualcoreprocessors presented and there are phones with quadcores. By battery usage to optimize, we can save the battery life renew.” In addition to HTC, the battery life improve by smarter to go with networking technologies such as 3g and wi-fi.

On all fronts, there is much room for optimization, but a big breakthrough in battery technology. “We can be increasingly more efficient use of the current technology, but we are still waiting for that one breakthrough that a battery is suddenly ten times as long can last.”

HTC thinks there, in addition to the planned optimizations, also to make users more aware of how they are more efficient at dealing with the battery. “It is now many of our users are not clear why the battery drained quickly. By better, we want to help users to extend the battery charge.” this week at the invitation of HTC to guest at several sites where the hardware and software for the manufacturer to be designed and developed.