HTC acquires S3 Graphics


HTC has the in graphics hardware, specialized S3 Graphics incorporated. The Taiwanese smartphonefabrikant pay approximately $ 300 million for the acquisition. It is still unknown what HTC with the graphicsbedrijf plan.

HTC acquires S3 Graphics from VIA, that, since 2001, owner of the S3 was. The Taiwanese smartphonemaker pay 147 million dollars to VIA. The company STI, the earlier money in S3 Graphics invested and thus a major shareholder, will get the remaining $ 153 million. Previously took HTC all of the videobedrijf Saffron Media, and also generating Abraxia was incorporated.

S3 Graphics is among others known for graphics cards and chipsets for the pc, but it’s more likely that it’s HTC to do is to make the underlying technology that S3 has developed. In addition, S3 Graphics has a number of patents where HTC, as possible, especially from a legal point of view, would be interested. Some of them were used in an action alleging patent infringement against Apple, in which the court ruled that the company from Cupertino infringed on two S3 patents. Apple has, in turn, also HTC due to patent infringement sued, but that company was found not guilty.