Facebook gets Skype video chat


Facebook has announced that video chat will support. This works the social-networking site along with voip provider Skype. In addition, the chat functionality to a new design. Facebook and Skype have been working longer together.

Users can via a special Skype plugin video chat with their Facebook friends, as announced, Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg during a presentation. For the install of the plugin is only one click is needed, as promises the social-networking site. Then it is with a special call button on profile pages as possible to make directly a video call. According to Skype ceo Tony Bates there in the future, and even paid Skype services for Facebook, but the voip provider would be the integration of Skype in Facebook no get money. It does not come as a surprise that Facebook video chat has built-in. Previously added Skype all Facebook chat to its desktop client.

Also, users can multiple people add to a conversation. Previously it was only possible to with one person at a time to chat. In addition, should a new design to ensure that chat to a more prominent place on the social-networking site: the chatfeature will get a special bar on the side of the screen. The new features would immediately be rolled out, according to Zuckerberg.

It is not possible to make video calls with more than one person. Or this available in the future will depend in large extent of Microsoft, has recently become the owner of Skype, as was Zuckerberg’s hint. The Facebook ceo said that his company has a good relationship with Microsoft.

In addition it was the Facebook-ceo know that the social-networking site now 750 million users; before, it was already suspected that the site is three quarters of a billion registrations know. In total, they share 4 billion items per day, for example, status updates, photos or videos. According to Zuckerberg knows the number of shared items has an exponential growth. In the future expect Facebook developers to make an important contribution to deliver on the growth in the sharing of content, by creating apps for the social networking site.

Google recently released its social networking site Google+. This was in the release already support video calling. It is also this feature that Hangouts is called, possible to play with multiple people at the same time video calling, or together watching Youtube videos. Facebook went during the presentation of his new chatfeatures questions about Google+ out of the way.