EVGA introduces GTX 580 Classified


Hardware manufacturer EVGA has a video card based on the GeForce GTX 580 with a different design ge lwa site. The company has designed an own pcb to do the necessary extra components for the overklokkerskaart to accommodate.

The EVGA GTX 580 Classified has not yet formally announced, but the company posted on its blog a number of photos of the high-end graphics card. Then a few details are discernible, including the use of film capacitors in the power supply, and headers to voltages to read. The status of the voltages is also using the leds shown and with a switch to select between two bios’and overclocking easier. The map seems to be, having regard to the pcb layout, especially for overclocking with liquid nitrogen.

The power supply is provided by three pci-e connectors: two achtpins-connections, and a zespin connector should have enough power to worry to much higher clock speed. The memory would be by a separate power supply from the zespin connector, supplied with electricity. The pcb of the video card is extra high so that there is enough space for the components. The extra height is also exploited to a large cooler on the dualslot card to be able to screws.

The usual two dvi connectors, along with a third connector for EVGA’s EVBot-uitleestool, the bracket is visible. The photos shown are of an early sample: the final model will include a high-flow bracket and what external adjustments. The clock, as well as a price and launch date, are still unknown. Incidentally, would EVGA also has a GTX 570 Classified work.