DICE gives no modtools released for Battlefield 3


In an interview with a German magazine let Patrick S lwa derlund, ceo of Digital Illusions CE release that the pc version of Battlefield 3 no modtools will be delivered. The tools of the new engine are too complicated.

“As it stands now, we will no modtools,” says Söderlund in a video interview with the German GameStar. The complexity of the engine is the reason that there is no editor included with the pc version of Battlefield 3, according to him: “If you go to the Frostbite engine looks, and see how complex that is, it is very difficult for fans to make mods for the game. By the way levels are built up, the vandalism and all that kind of business, it is very difficult, so we think that the challenge is too great for fans to mods to make.”

Söderlund does not take the possibility that at a later stage tools for Battlefield 3 will appear. Although the various editions of competitive engines as Unreal Engine and CryEngine always editors available, it is Dice less flush. Also in 2010 published Battlefield: Bad Company 2, there were no tools available. BC2 was built with Frostbite 1.5, the forerunner of the engine that Battlefield 3 used.