Delft university of technology researchers to create bittorrentprotocol faster


Researchers at TU Delft say they are an improved algorithm for the bittorrentprotocol have developed. The ‘super seeding standard’ of the Tribler client would be the download speed, especially on slow connections increase.

The TU Delft has been working for years on p2p technology and especially to refinements of the bittorrent protocol. So is the university known of the client Tribler, a p2p client that has no central tracker is needed for torrents find and download. Meanwhile, the team of scientists under the leadership of Johan Pouwelse, a technique has been developed that p2p users may be more should let you download them, by means of which they are the super seeding standard call.

The idea behind the super seeding standard is, according to Pouwelse partly based on the share ratio enforcement technique, used by many closed torrenttrackers is used. This can be uploaded by means of a credit system will be rewarded for their work. The disadvantage of the most ratioalgoritmen that torrentsites handling, however, is that users with a low upload speed in the disadvantage and that peers often are the majority, so they are very long online have to continue to take their ratios to obtain.

The Tribler team has after the study of the download speeds at various closed torrenttrackers a proprietary algorithm, developed in the latest builds of Tribler is integrated. This works on the basis of a more refined credit system and would be a significant speedups can give torrentgebruikers endless need to seed it. Pouwelse let know that the download speeds for users with slower connections to private trackers to four times larger. In public trackers would be a speed with a factor of two may be obtained. “There are approximately a thousand seeders needed, but because, for example, Tribler, without a central tracker works, is that feasible.”

Still not clear whether super-seeding is standard algorithm will grow to be a widely embraced standard within the bittorrent protocol, and popular clients, like µTorrent and Transmission. Pouwelse, however, points out that his Tribler team in the past few years and was closely involved with the development of a decentralised torrentsysteem. In addition, no trackers need to download it through this p2p protocol to make it possible.