Consumers ‘ association: new tv features are still little used


From a study of the Consumers ‘ association shows that new tv functionality as 3d and internet access, but only a few are used. However, the teletext is without prejudice popular and is the epg in tv’s and decoders are used well.

The survey, held among 1085 consumers who, since 2006, a new tv is bought, it turns out that teletext with a big lead favorite is as an interactive service on the tv; but no less than 55 percent of the respondents indicated teletext daily or more than once per week to consult.

About a quarter of the respondents owned a tv with internet access, but that possibility is not widely used. Only fifty of the 267 people with such television says weekly the iptv ability of the tv to use. It pertains particularly to the viewing of films via YouTube, uitzendinggemist and RTL Missed. Slightly more than one-third of the number of people with internet access on the tv says the functionality never use. The reason is not asked.

Also the 3d functionality of the new tv’s is little exploited. Only 38 of the 1085 respondents have a 3dtv and about two-thirds of them says no 3d movies to play. The Consumers suspect that this is due to the limited supply of 3d movies and by the expensive 3d glasses, but has no hard numbers. It is notable that slightly more than one-tenth of the respondents do not know whether their device is suitable for 3d display.

For viewing of digital tv is mainly due to the kabelaar supplied decoder or pvr, while 17 percent of the 874 persons with a subscription for digital tv using the built-in digital tuner of the tv using a CI+module. It is not clear what percentage of the relevant tv’s has support for CI+ and is certified for the network of the kabelaar.

The electronic programme guide, due to the use of it, experienced as a useful service. 50 percent of the respondents with a tv with epg functionality makes use of it. Twenty-five percent used the epg even more than once per week.