Comment: In Berlin has policy finally be made



Comment: In Berlin has policy finally be made

The mood in the country is heated up like never before, but the Federal government simulates politics. The Chancellor should their coalition partners and the people quickly a clear message, says Christoph Strack.

Their parties form the government (li.): Horst Seehofer (CSU), Angela Merkel (CDU) and Sigmar Gabriel (SPD)

Can this really be? After the Krisengespräch of Angela Merkel, Sigmar Gabriel and Horst Seehofer on Thursday afternoon, was so pointed it to the SPD chief to – a written report is made, and then hours later at a second Meeting to be approved. So please, this time, knows what one has agreed. So it was, that it should have. Should this be true, then it would be an indictment of the political leadership.

But at least, there is an agreement. After months of dispute. An agreement on the “asylum package II”, on restrictions on family reunification, on smoother recording but also Abschiebeprozeduren. This understanding is the so-called great coalition goes a little above and beyond what almost three months in the Chancellery already been decided – and then greedily from all sides zerredet. Newly added is a kind of new year’s eve-law, the deportation to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria to facilitate. After the ugly misogynist operations in the new year’s eve want all that in these North African States are rapidly deported.

The States of burning the problems on the nails

At the end of a very long day, were allowed at midnight in addition to Chancellor Merkel also two Prime Ministers of the tired Hauptstadtjournalisten reports. Both posts showed how much the 16 state governments in Germany, regardless of whatever Stripe, those problems on the nails to burn, the political Glasperlenspieler with joy of cooking keep.

Christoph Strack, a correspondent in the DW-capital Studio

As explained in Saxony-Anhalt the CDU-Minister President Reiner Haseloff, that on this day “, a critical point is called”. And all become clear: “If not reasonably have been taken, we would all have a Problem of credibility had”, he said, and he said the asylum package II And Carsten Sieling, SPD-mayor of the Free Hanseatic city of Bremen, spoke of the “wide concern” the countries and their unanimous expectation of progress at the level of the European Union. At the Meeting Merkel with the countries is now “first” step towards a design of the further development has been done. He said actually “a first”!

By the way: in The Morning after these Statements certain less, the nocturnal compromise as the horror of a gottlob lightly runny attack on a Erstaufnahmestelle in Baden-Württemberg, the German messages. There was a sharp hand grenade found, the well will explode, but not exploded. It was the first attack on a Flüchtlingsquartier with explosives. That is – you can only call it terrorism. Xenophobic Terror. And not only are many refugees in the Erstaufnahmestelle had since luck, no, Germany as a whole.

Mutual blockages and the Simulation of politics

The country is overheated. The care of refugees, calls on local authorities and Voluntary and police. The events of the new year’s eve have the mood to flip. And the approaching election campaign in three States by the loud shrill tones, even in the face of the right-wing AfD and their seductive tones.

To hatred and Terror against the refugees, quirky mood in the country. And then argue the leaders of the coalition at the Federal level, as there is no Tomorrow. A Prime Minister said, strangely calm, as the course is not currently policy, but “Politiksimulation”. As if Germany no major Concerns have, as for months over the subsequent immigration of family members to argue and thus to block.

Yes, a coalition is always only a political Alliance and not a marriage. But it is an Alliance. The agreement on the asylum package II was not a day later, again in the koalitionsbewährten my machine the Zerredung fed. This time, engaged as a pioneer CSU General Secretary Andreas Scheuer. Still, it seems that the Grand coalition still has not understood how serious it is in the country. And if it is your (rarely is the term more appropriate) colleagues do not understand, should the Chancellor it is you and the country to say clearly. More clearly than previously.

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