Amazon may brand name Appstore provisionally continue to use


Amazon may be the brand name of ‘Appstore’ for its downloadwinkel provisionally continue to use it. That has the court in California lwa judged. Apple found that the name confusion evoked with its own App Store and pleaded for a ban.

Amazon web store may be the name Appstore continue to use as long as there is a lawsuit of Apple against the dozenschuiver runs, so is the conclusion of a judge from the California Oakland. The case is in October, continue to be treated. Would the judge still be able to judge that Amazon is the use of the trademark must cease.

Although the name Appstore, according to the court, not to general to claim, as Amazon argued, but Apple would not have been able to demonstrate that Amazons use of the brand name confusion evokes.

Apple complained to Amazon in march for the use of the Appstore name for an Android-downloadwinkel. Later, Amazon just filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the brand name to a generic would be.