Wiko Pulp FAB 4G Black – kevin3ssen


Blessed unit for this price range! So far very happy with it. The format is really on or over the border in terms of pocket and makes the 5-inch version might be a more logical choice.


  • Price-specs
  • Android Lollipop
  • Battery life (so far, still not much tested)
  • ‘Simple’ design (no frills)
  • No overkill of unreturnable bloatware as I Samsung am used to


  • Length (was better and been better if top / bottom is a lot smaller)
  • Less deep black values than amoled
  • No Android Marshmallow (not yet at least)

Final conclusion

Score: 5Per criterion

Battery life

Score: 5

After 4 years of a Galaxy S2 in possession, which I have for a while is common have tried to keep it ‘t to rooten, I decided it was time to be myself again to be pampered with some news.

Really a much better device I longed, as I was still quite happy with the S2. Preferably I had a ‘cheap’ device that is still a nice improvement. My search criteria was therefore based on specifications that are better than the S2. What I especially find important is that the system is Android version 5 or higher.

On tweakers searching with my criteria, and then particularly looking for a nice ratio between price and specifications, I got the devices from Wiko, a for me unknown brand.

Opmerkgelijk specifications
Other devices in the same price range (pak ‘m beet lwa 100-lwa 250) often have 1GB of RAM, where this unit of Wiko 2GB of RAM. Also have other appliances often 8GB of storage, which for this device is 16GB. In addition, the Wiko option for two sim cards, which is not unique, but a pre compared to a lot of devices that don’t have this. For the other specifications is usually that these are the same and also seem Wiko often have the upper hand.

Perhaps as a minus to mention is that there is no NFC in it. With the contemporary developments would NFC still a ‘hot’ may be and then it is a pity if your unit has not, as is the case with this Wiko.

Design, matter of taste
The Galaxy S2 had I not if I that ugly thought. This Wiko device is a larger variant of it, but without the physical button in the middle. The back of Wiko is rubbery, which is nice in the hand.

Or the unit is nice or not nice to call is purely a matter of taste, but personally I find it nice because there are no crazy design antics on applied and the device is also thin (though that’s nothing for me noodzakelijks)

The correct resolution
If I look at the latest and then in particular around the temperature in the high-end devices, then it strikes me that the resolutions are very high: many times more than HD. I find this trend ridiculous, because it is a waste of processing power and the battery for something that my eyes can hardly perceive. It would only be fun when you get the unit if VR glasses will use, but this is my opinion, no smartphone really suitable.

In the other meaning of my statement, I am so glad that Wiko has opted for a not-ridiculous resolution of 720p. A-for me-perfectly sharp image that is not overly burdensome for the processing power and battery.

Much knowledge of colour and beeldwaarden I have not, but the zwartwaarden have a visible difference with the S2. I suspect that this is the difference between LCD and LED, which will be black with LED really means that the pixels are off, whereas with LCD there is still somewhat light comes from (at a minimum). Personally I find this totally annoying and I would not have noticed if I get the S2 there, not next to compare.

Battery life
I use my device is not intensive and is much more in my pocket than in my hands. With this very limited use, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the device with ease 5 days without charging them and even a full week had maintained as I the 5th day is not a few a long time a game had been played.

From messages on Android, I understand that the new Android efficient handling of the battery. Or so, mainly thanks to Android Lollipop or at Wiko don’t know, but the result in this device like me.

The battery life with heavy use is a different story. I keep it full to a day-long intensive use a smartphone, but the look forward is that the phone during intensive use within a day empty. Against a tablet weighs it on.

An important part of most smartphone users is the camera. I have however, used minimally, and there can be little opinion on it. It is definitely not a slr, but seems to achieve better results than the S2 (which I was not unhappy about).

No Samsung crap
Maybe this already is the case with Android Lollipop, but in any case, for this unit is that there is relatively little bloatware on it, far less than I’m used to from the Galaxy S2. I think this is a real breath of fresh air.

Completely free of mandatory apps, this unit is not. So Google will always have a number of its own apps in the system ingrained. (and apparently, like google, it is still necessary that you have both a mail app and a gmail app *mopperdemopper*).

FAB – the wrong choice
Since the first of the large smartphones like the galaxy note came out, it seemed to me that the. The first aircraft I had my galaxy S2 not so long and with the release of newer models, I am these large devices are too expensive.

At Wiko was my choice between the wiko Wiko Pulp and Wiko Pulp FAB, wherein the FAB is only 30 euro more cost, that I see the price still very acceptable and, therefore, I have chosen for this variant.

In use I find the larger screen is definitely more pleasant than I was used to from the S2, because anyway I always have two hands to use. However, a combination of tablet and smartphone (what ‘FAB’ must imply) is not to call… it will always be at least 2x too small for the tablet-feeling. It has the larger screen, not much added value (compared to the 5-inch variant).

Regard to to carry in the pocket, I have this format to be underestimated. The ‘fits’, but is awkward: the squat is the unit in the way and also I need the device regularly, scroll to comfortably sit. For me this is a important downside, and in retrospect, a reason to go for the slightly smaller variant to choose.

The large size was not necessary. The unit has both the top and bottom a border of more than an inch. This is a pity, because the device less awkward was if it 1 to 2cm less in length. Moreover, it was the device better and more in better proportion.

My choice is already made, but for those who have any doubts, my advice is to have a smaller model (Wiko Pulp) , which is virtually the same specifications (only difference in battery and sim cards.) Anyway, the choice is up to you.

Apart from the slightly too large size, I find this a very good device that is definitely value for money.