“Us navy unveils robotvis”


The U.s. navy has recently robotvis demonstrated that from next year for the various surveys can be used. The structure is approximately 1.5 metres long, weighs around 45 kilograms and can be up to more than 90 metres below the surface of the water to be used.

The robotvis must be by his way of moving apart. Where such constructions mostly due to propellers are powered, the so-called GhostSwimmer by natural movements of the body itself in a more realistic way by the waters. The robotvis it almost silently through the waters and is also less visible for a sonar, writes The Virginian-Pilot.

GhostSwimmer is 1.5 metres long and weighs about 45 kilograms. With which dimensions is the drone compared to a tuna. The robot with a controller can be remotely controlled, but the navy can structure also program. The fish may, therefore, on its own force by the water to swim. That can to a depth of about 90 meters, according to Navy.mil. The U.s. navy may make such robots to use ports to investigate or to enemy territory to explore. In addition, the state of a zeemijn or the hull of a ship to be examined. Human divers do in dangerous situations to avoid.

The project is part of the Silent Nemo program. The robot was developed by the Office of Naval Research. It is still currently a demonstrator, but the GhostSwimmer would be operational within a year.