Us army teaches soldiers to shoot with the help of an exoskeleton


The Us army test exoskeleton that can be worn by soldiers in training, to make them faster to learn to shoot. The suit allows shooters among other things, the right attitude. A mobile version is still being worked on.

It is an important part of the training to be a soldier in the army: learn to shoot. Normally, although the instructions given, but to actually have the right attitude to find is a lot of practice is needed. The U.s. military believes the soldiers faster, better shooters can do with the help of an exoskeleton. This exoskeleton, which, by the way the person is not completely enveloping, the carrier must help to shoot the correct stance to take.

According to the authors helps the exoskeleton, that is the name Maxfas are wearing, to the schietopleiding faster to complete. By using the exoskeleton and the right attitude it should be easier to accurately shoot, so they thought. This not only saves time, but also ammunition.

Incidentally, it is also thought to the use of Maxfas in war. That should be achieved by the development of a light, mobile version of the exoskeleton of koolstofvezelcomposiet. Maxfas takes the arm stable, resulting in fewer vibrations occur and archers, so more accurately. Also fatigue can be prevented.