“‘Upcoming dlc for GTA V will contain six new heists'”


A new dlc for GTA V should appear according to rumors at least six new Heist missions. There are also new vehicles to the sandboxgame added, together with five cops and crooks missions. The dlc would be on the 23rd of december to come out.

The rumors are coming from NillxMods, a site previously with accurate information about GTA V enhancements. The new ‘Heists-dlc’ would be six different overvalmissies to the Rockstar game to add, including a number of bank robberies, the conclusion of an arms deal and helping the escape of a prisoner. According to the rumors, gamers can in the multiplay mode a killed team member during a Heist back to life by the contact Jeff to call.

The new extension would also of five fresh Cops and Crooks missions contain on four as ‘unique’ specified locations would take place. Also contains the dlc, if the rumors are correct, three new vehicles, a new apartment, several new items of clothing and haardrachten. Rockstar would also be the anticheating methods in the upcoming dlc have improved and a number of textures have been adjusted. The dlc would be on the 23rd of december to come out.