Twins begins new lawsuit against Facebook


The brothers Winklevoss starting a new lawsuit against Facebook, after their previous case Thursday, still have to let them fall. The twins want the judge this time is investigating whether Facebook has any information is withheld.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have Facebook again prosecuted, reports Reuters. The brothers want the court investigating the negotiation of a settlement with Facebook. The internet company would during that negotiation, information not have left.

The twins want that specifically looked at instant messages from Mark Zuckerberg, that new light should be shed on the way in which Zuckerberg and hung out with the two brothers and their business partner, Divya Narendra. They had Mark Zuckerberg commissioned a social-network-cum-dating site, but Zuckerberg was instead his own site: Facebook.

Zuckerberg has always denied that he is making the dating express has deferred to in on the secret to his own website to work, such as the brothers claimed. Instant messages from that time, last year leaked, sketches a different picture. Against a friend would Zuckerberg have indicated to fear for the success of Facebook at the same time with the dating site of Winklevoss and Narendra would be introduced. “Unless I fuck the dating site people over and quit on them right before I told them I’d have it done,” Zuckerberg wrote.

According to Winklevoss and Winklevoss had these instant messages should be part of the documents at the settlement. Lawyers of Facebook would the messages be viewed, but not relevant have found.

Thursday, brothers decided, that Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg accuse the idea of the social network of them to have been stolen, to file a lawsuit against Facebook, to drop it and not to the High Council. The twins started that lawsuit out of dissatisfaction with a settlement agreement in 2008, whereby they 65 million dollars were given. A part of the $ 45 million, consisted of shares, but according to the brothers, they have too few shares received as the share in the settlement to highly valued would have been. Facebook said that if the brothers have known.

In april, a court appeal that the Winklevoss brothers, the settlement had to accept. The two were skilled negotiators and were assisted by lawyers, the court concluded. In the first instance lost the twins though. Facebook sees the lawsuit with confidence.