“Techgiganten stand next to Microsoft in the event of refusal e-mails to hand”


Large technology companies such as Apple, Amazon, HP and eBay to support Microsoft’s refusal to in Europe stored e-mail data to be provided to the U.s. government. Also, other organizations, and computer scientists speak of their support from.

A large number of organisations, companies and individuals have let Microsoft know its position to support. Microsoft gives no heed to an order from the U.s. government to e-mail data of European customers, stored in data centers in Ireland, to hand over. “We believe that if a government e-mail in hands, wants to get in another country that is stored, that should do it in a way that national and international laws and respects”, says the legal executive from Microsoft, Brad Smith. The USA would for example have to settle in a treaty with Ireland.

Among others, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, HP, AT&T, Verizon and Salesforce, with Microsoft once and also media as CNN, The Washington Post and The Guardian have expressed their support. In addition, amongst others, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the BSA is on the list, as well as a number of computer scientists. The court in New York, tapped Microsoft on the fingers because of the refusal of the injunction hearing. Microsoft want to make my first appeal to wait.