“Spanish publishers want Google News back”


Spanish newspaper publishers want Google News in Spain will remain. According to the publishers, Google News too dominant to just disappear. Last week Google announced the closure of its Spanish News-branch, due to the introduction of a new law.

The Spanish publishers want the Spanish government and European competition authorities to take measures to the closure of Google News to turn back, reports The Spain Report. According to the trade association of the newspapers, AEDE, is the closure of Google News in the country “are not just the disappearance of a service’ because of the dominant position of the website would occupy.

Google announced Thursday Google News in Spain to close. The company does not want to contribute to a law that newspaper publishers need to ask to Google News for their websites. According to Google, it is not tenable to publishers to pay, because Google News itself will not earn any money. The site will Tuesday be closed before the act on 1 January and will enter into force.

AEDE was one of the driving forces of the law; thus, it seems that the organization does not want the law overturned, but the fact that Google News will remain, and that Google pays for the links to Spanish newspapers.