“Sony hackers are threatening more internal e-mails to release”


The hackers who have broken in to Sony Pictures, the filmtak of the Japanese group threatens more internal e-mails of Sony employees. Sony employees that their e-mails and prefer not to be published, indicate this in the hackers.

The hackers did their threat when they have a e-store six gigabytes of releases, consisting of e-mails from and to a Sony ceo. The hackers claim that the next dump of captured information a ‘christmas present’ that is ‘larger amounts of data’, which is also ‘more interesting’ would be. That reports Recode.

Special is that Sony employees can indicate that they do not want their internal correspondence, also released. To do this they need their name and function transmit them to the hackers, after which the information is to say to remove it. It is not possible to say whether the hackers actually will be responsive to the requests of Sony employees.

Up to now gave the hackers eight times the information is free, including a large amount of private information from Sony employees. Meanwhile, warns Sony that media do not have to find information in the documents, Sony as stolen is considered. The past week brought several media news that they had found in the documents, such as the quarrel between Google and the MPAA and the Mario movie Nintendo and Sony would work.