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A good router for the real Tweaker, or for the hobbyist who likes to experiment in the field of networking.


  • Comprehensive software
  • Measurement of line load
  • Understanding consumption per device / service
  • OpenWRT Platform
  • Extensive management functionality
  • Understanding which devices on the network
  • Separate guest network


  • Difficult for beginners to manage
  • Price
  • Ports can sometimes be difficult to achieve if it is against the wall

Final conclusion

Score: 5Per criterion


Score: 5

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What’s in the box?
  3. First impression
  4. The connections
  5. Wireless connection
  6. Possibilities
  7. Overall,

InleidingVan Tweakers I got this router for two weeks to test, now its almost two weeks and I decided to go after the rich to have tested, a comprehensive review. Also, this is also my second review, so any typing mistakes may be in there If you have any questions, you may always ask me
Unfortunately I had not so much time to really fully test but I have done the best to get as much as possible to test.What’s in the box?In the box you’ll find, of course the router itself , the power supply, network cable for connecting to your modem, basic manual, cd and a booklet with the codes. You also get two support it, this allows you to put the router so that he or against the wall so that you are still at the gates it can.First indrukMijn first impression was: WHAT A THING!! It is different than our Technicolor 7200U and mostly what I had read, also more extensive in terms of managing them. Once connected, I am going to look at what the thing had in the house. Connecting went smoothly and I was able to be equal to log into the router. It was sometimes to find where it is if you’re not used to with a comprehensive router to work. With me was the IPv6 yet, I have adapted to the link-local as I have no IPv6 address have of Ziggo and the router is trying first the IPv6 DNS instead of IPv4.

The build quality feels solid and the remote antennas are also sturdy, the LED lighting is beautiful and can also optionally be turned off via the beheerpanel.

I also have a S/FTP CAT7 cable from the modem to the router, I’ve done this so that the router is working optimally and do not suffer from storingen.De aansluitingenDe Sitecom Greyhound has 1 WAN port, 4 LAN ports, 4 external Wi-Fi antennas, 2 USB 3.0 ports and an SD slot. The USB 3.0 slot 2 and the SD slot sit on the side of the router, very handy for quickly a USB in it to do, e.g. watching a movie, or to your NAS to connect.Wireless verbindingJe can it be so crazy to invent or the Sitecom Greyhound has it in the house. It offers both 2.4 GHz as 5 GHz wireless internet. Most of this is, is that the devices for the different types ESSID recognize, so there is 1 for the 2.4 GHz and the other for the 5 GHz. It also supports MIMO, which means that at the same time can receive and send to different devices without compromising the speed or the bandwidth.

You can also choose to create a separate guest network to turn to for your guests or any neighbours.

I noticed already with this router a much improved Wi-Fi coverage and quality, probably because we have a house, garden and kitchen Wi-Fi modem from UPC/Ziggo (Technicolor TC7200U). With the modem, I also have the Wi-Fi turned off from the modem and completely the router in use. Also with multiple devices to ensure it remains stable and fast.

Below is a list with the speed and distance. however, it is completed.
Our internet package is 50/5 and is stable.

50 cm from the router on 2.4 GHz: 50 mbps down, 5.1 mbps up on a smartphone
50 cm from router 5 GHz: 50 mbps down, 5.1 mbps up on laptop
1st floor, 2.4/5GHz: 45 mbps down, 4.5 mbps up on the smart TV
1st floor on 2.4 Ghz, 30-40 mbit down, 4 mbit up on a smartphone
1st floor on 5 GHz: 50 mbit down, 5 mbit up on laptopMogelijkhedenDe Sitecom Greyhound can be quite a lot to do, it can serve as a router, bridge or AP. Also, the streaming capabilities are well. NAS or connect your old wired printer connecting the printer can also. You can also set what you do and do not want with the connected USB device. I have the stream functionality is also tested and it worked fairly well. First you have to set up the router that your USB device to share and that it can be accessed. Wireless streaming of movies did not always go smoothly, the main reason is that the internet speed is. Also tested cable and the cable is, as usual, just a bit quicker.

Also offers the Sitecom the possibility of a DDOS against to go through. the max Ping of Death, or by setting the sync flood to a minimum. It is also possible to the line load to be measured. You can also display each device to see what the consumption is and in which the consumption is going.

Also you can use StreamBoost, the priorities change so that you have just that one piece of speed. Also in StreamBoost you will find the ability to the consumption per device.

The platform is OpenWRT, which means that you also have other packets in the router can install. The GUI is quite nice and neat, however, it is sometimes difficult to find certain things to find but a real Tweaker think it’s fun to find out what is what.

I’ve also been trying to get my Cisco Catalyst 3550 switch to connect to the router, that went well, and was also so with my old PC plenty of the internet.SamengevatDe Sitecom Greyhound is for the Tweaker or hobbyist who would like to find out how the network is structured, and what all is done. It is also useful if you have an external HDD/SSD to connect to as a NAS to serve. You can also, if you have multiple smart TVS have, from your NAS to your favorite photos, videos and music to watch and listen to.

I recommend the product to people who like to experiment, it may be some costs but you will also get true for your money. Also, you will have better insight in terms of consumption and all data is used. I suggest getting a faster internet connection for streaming, at me was not always smooth because of the speed. But for the rest, it is a good router, though at a price that you sometimes have to think but then you’ll have also for a long time.

Used in combination with:

  • Samsung UE32H6200AW Black
  • MSI GP60 2PE-064NL
  • Archos 50 Diamond Yellow

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