Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB Black – mrkazoodle


A good hard drive: compact, without a separate power supply, cheap, not too loud and with usb3.


  • Cheap
  • Silent
  • USB power supply
  • USB3
  • Trusted brand


  • Does not seem to h completed. l robust

Final conclusion

Score: 4Per criterion


Score: 5

Recently, a smart TV bought, and that comes with a hard disk drive. This was from day 1 intended: a TV with two tuners, a hard disk, and a CI+ card for the decryption of the signal. This I bought for about lwa 90 and using velcro on the back of the TV attached.

Criteria: price, power via USB, and compact.

In the box: hard drive and cable. On the hard disk are some files: what software for backup purposes only probably: not tried (I use synctoy for years).

Speed: not tested; sufficient. If you speed wants to take a external SSD.

Experience: works smoothly with the TV. That was just what to do to him, ‘install’, but there you can only Samsung to blame.
It was also unclear how much space you will need, now it turned out that only all the news to include more than 1GB results. The TV is in 1080p (still no setting for found), which was fortunately not a problem with 2TB of memory.
Pause and playback of programs will also work to include = the most difficult command (so it can be fast enough to read lwa n write).

Sound: still no noise is heard: velcro is a good vibration damper.

Disadvantage of the set up: TV is not an app for remote recording.

Used in combination with:

  • Samsung UE40H6500SL Black