“Samsung is working on its own mobile payment service'”


Samsung would consider to be a private payment service to introduce. The electronics giant is reportedly in negotiation with start-up LoopPay, which, with such activity. It is unclear whether all of an agreement is reached.

Samsung has not yet on the rumors responded. Recode claims, however, multiple sources have that the story confirm. One of the anonymous sources reports that the company already has a prototype has been developed. The smartphone owners would, on the basis of their fingerprint to be identified and the service would only be available for devices that are equipped with a capable sensor. The Galaxy S5 is equipped with a finger print scanner.

The South Korean company wants to use a mobile payment system to compete with Apple entering into, writes Recode. That company has recently released the eponymous Apple Pay service introduced. The technology of Samsung would be people with a private aircraft are also able to offer in physical shops payments with their smartphone to do.

The technology of LoopPay is able to work with an external device wirelessly exchange data with betalingsapparatuur in shops. This is the same information as the data stored on the magnetic stripe of a card, are processed. There have, however, not a debit card or credit card to make the. The technology would be on a lot more function than Apple Pay or Google Wallet. The integration of nfc is, however, not excluded.