Rohani renewed relations with France



Rohani renewed relations with France

Iran wants to be close to Europe. With the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, an agreement was reached about 118 machines closed. Further orders will follow. For Iran, an important first step to normality.

After Rome, now Paris. With his visit to the French President Francois Hollande wants Iran’s President Rohani on the previous good relations of both countries to build on.

So, he said upon his arrival in Paris, that now, after the conclusion of the Atomabkommens and the end of most of the sanctions, the political and economic relations should be enhanced. The current positive atmosphere should be used for a new beginning. “We forget the resentment,” said Rohani. His visit, the Iranian President as an important first step for the beginning of a new Era with the EU and France. Iran is convinced that this would succeed.

Together against the Terror

But not only the economic interests of both countries have to the consultations, a meaning. Also the common fight against Terror, offers both countries the opportunity to pull together. In the fight against terrorism, the Iran and France from the point of view Rohanis a historical obligation, the risk posed by the Terrormiliz Islamic state (IS) together to fight.

On the political level, is likely to France by Rohanis visit to a diplomatic approach regarding the conflicts in the Region are hoping for – not least the Syrian war. Iran supports President Bashar al-Assad, France calls for his dismissal. The Iranian President also called on the French government to contribute to the regional differences identified. France had, however, before the Meeting a mediator role between Iran and its opponents Saudi Arabia will be rejected. Too strong are the economic interdependencies of France with the Saudis.

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls referred to the historical ties of his country with Iran. “Thanks to the Atomabkommens can we have a new Chapter open. Iran can France count”, says Valls. France is ready, “his company, its engineers and its technicians to mobilize” in order to modernize the Iranian economy. He hoped to “ambitious partnerships” and “long-term cooperation,” France’s Prime Minister on future-oriented agreements.

It was a climate of trust in the Region necessary for a new development. For both sides are just the Wirtschaftsgespräche and contracts of great importance. France is it economically bad, and Iran is needed after the long Boycott, support the economic Expansion and renovation of the infrastructure.

Christmas for the economy

So, then, is the signing of different agreements are planned. The French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroën announced now his return to Iran. In a Joint Venture with the Iranian manufacturers Iran Khodro, he wants the models Peugeot 208, 2008 and 301 to produce and market. The long-term goal is the production of 200,000 vehicles per year in Iran. In the coming five years, up to 400 million euros will be invested. Railway companies of both countries signed already an agreement for cooperation in the modernisation and operation of railway stations in Iran.

Iran has an agreement for the purchase of 118 machines of the German-French aircraft manufacturer closed

For the Expansion of its air fleet has Rohani is already an agreement with Airbus over 118 machines in the amount of 23 billion euros is closed. The final contract was not yet signed, as not all international sanctions were lifted. The outdated fleet of aircraft of Iran is no longer competitive. Total needed the Land 400 long – haul and 100 Kurzstreckenflieger. Because of the sanctions so far are no spare parts for the machines are being bought, many of the machines remained last at the bottom.

Also the energy company Total said now a contract with Iran to buy crude oil to sign to want. The plan was the acceptance of “150,000 to 200,000 barrels per day,” said the group. Further projects are planned, but would still have to be negotiated.

cgn/uh (afp, dpa)