“Rockstar gives details about Heists mode GTA Online”


Rockstar has the silence about the Heists mode, which is actually already in the introduction in GTA Online would be – broken. When Heists to the multiplayer mode of GTA 5 that is added is not yet known, however, about the content of the missions is more clear.

From the introduction of the Heists-option GTA Online five missions. That Rockstar has announced across gamessite IGN. Because each Heist four different roles has, in fact, to twenty different missions, which must ensure the twenty hours of extra gameplay. The Heists are available on all platforms on which GTA V can be played. As far as is known, the cost of the Heists-option nothing extra.

For a Heist to be able to start four players with a rank of 12 or more is needed. Moreover, it is a ‘Heist Leader’ is required; to be a Heist Leader, a player, an expensive apartment with space for a whiteboard. Being a Heist Leader has the advantage that the player directly will be contacted with new heists, but the disadvantage is that the Heist Leader, the cost for the surgery must pay in advance. In addition, he gets no money for the setup missions, like his co-conspirators that get.

Rockstar don’t want to reveal a lot about the content of the heists, but in one case it is an outbreak from a prison. For that heist are a pilot and a connoisseur of explosions, as well as a number of player who is undercover. According to Rockstar requires that heist good communication and cooperation to complete successfully.

The Heists feature was actually already in the introduction of GTA Online. According to Rockstar, it took the option, however, more time than expected to finalize. The Heists in the single-player option, according to Rockstar easier to create, because not every player at every moment to do something need to have. In the multiplayer mode is that true.