‘Rainbow Six gets morality’


An employee of the website Kotaku claims to have moving images to have seen an unannounced Rainbow Six game in which players moraalkeuzes get submitted, which influence the further course of the game.

The game, whose website Kotaku claims to be a video to have seen, players would ask to decide about life or death of innocent civilians. So there would be a mission in which the player must choose between the elimination of an innocent hostage by terrorists is covered with a bomvest or the risk of an explosion with the potential for more innocent victims. Such choices would have serious consequences for the further course of the missions, and the outcome of the game. It can according to Kotaku mean that players complete certain missions to skip. Players that give the game replay and make other choices, would be rewarded. What that reward is, is not clear, however.

Although the morality is already working to see, publisher Ubisoft has not yet decided whether the system really is in the game is introduced, claims Kotaku. The website released just before the E3 already out there working on a new version of Rainbow Six. The game, however, was not to be seen on the gamebeurs and Ubisoft has the game not yet announced.