“PS3 hacker GeoHot is working for Facebook’


George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz, known for hacking the iPhone and PlayStation 3, is started at the social networking site Facebook. That has the youthful hacker recently announced on his personal Facebook page.

The website Electronista was curious about the activities of GeoHot. On his personal page would be to read that George Hotz is now in joined Facebook. What the project the young hacker exactly is going to participate is unclear, but it may not work he, seen his skills with iOS, involved in the construction of a new Facebook app for the Apple iPad. Facebook has nothing released about the possible arrival of Hotz.

GeoHot became famous when he in 2007, managed via a pure softwarehack iPhone to be jailbroken. Then it was Hotz his teeth into the PlayStation 3, after Sony had decided to use Linux are no longer on his console. After GeoHot on the PS3, the Other OS function did recover, he was sued by Sony. Eventually the two into a settlement.