“Microsoft makes cloud platform Project Orleans next year open source”


Microsoft has announced Project Orleans, a framework to schalende cloud build, open source. Orleans is among others used in the development of the game Halo 4. The software should begin early next year on GitHub appear.

Project Orleans is built with .Net. According to Microsoft, there may be with the framework cloud services to be built that millions of users can handle and in which the software is relatively easy scales to thousands of servers. Microsoft claims that Project Orleans, among other useful services such as social networks, as well as collecting statistics and supplying components for interactive entertainment services. Orleans would, among other things, are used for various services for Azure to develop and services to build that will be used for the onlinecomponenten of the game Halo 4, writes Computerworld.

Microsoft will make the source code of Project Orleans, written by the eXtreme Computing Group of the software giant, early next year on the GitHub to publish. The framework will receive an MIT license.

According to Microsoft it is relatively easy to code to develop on the basis of Orleans, because it is in contrast to, for example, Google App Engine, an asynchronous design has and there is no use of multithreading. Further works Orleans on the basis of containers for the storage and processing of data, so programmers do not have to keep up with things like garbage collection.