LulzSec hacks site and database of police Arizona


LulzSec, the website and database of the Arizona Department of Public Safety hacked. The group says that the hack is performed because the Arizona strict immigration law. LulzSec has, among other personal information released.

A spokesman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety has confirmed that the police authority is victim of a hack. “Our it people look at it to determine how they invaded and how the leaks can be sealed”, said Steve Harrison, spokesman of the AZDPS against Dow Jones Newswire. According to him, knew the hackers are likely to come in by the e-mail accounts of eight officers to break into.

In addition to personal data, LulzSec e-mails, training manuals and other documents released via Bittorrent. Different agents would already have their number changed because of the many phone calls that they received after publication of the data.

“We focus on AZDPS, because we are against SB1070 and against the racisitische anti-immigrantenpolitiestaat Arizona”, explains LulzSec. SB1070 is a controversial law with the strictest and most far-reaching anti-immigratiemaatregelen of the USA. The law is also largely put on hold due to research or he complies with the Us constitution and burgerrechtenwetten.