Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum – Mrmeasa


I have this headset “gotten” to alternate in combination with an MSI Gaming laptop. Long story short, I now use my logitech G35. Have every setting tried, just not good quality sound. This headset like the G35, only worse with fun lights. Snap why alternate they “give away”.


  • Led lights are fun.
  • Although that is cheap and feels he can take a beating
  • The 3.5 mm Jack, just a fine addition.
  • Long can be worn without burden on your ears


  • Okay sound, but certainly not good enough for the price
  • Feels cheap and takes a long time to get used to
  • Dolby gimmick is fun, but still bad.
  • Simply too expensive, lwa 90,- is something more reasonable, But still almost too expensive.
  • The usb cable is a little too long, and the 3.5 mm audio cable is too short and very flimsy.
  • The G-Keys are sitting on an uncomfortable place
  • Microphone sounds awful tinny and almost like an old radio

Final conclusion

Score: 2Per criterion

Build quality

Score: 4

DISCLAIMER: I am not a photographer or a full-time reviewer.

This is an expensive headset, that is basically what it comes down to. I’ve had him about 3 months given the chance to prove himself, only he has failed. After two weeks I was on the point to him to do and never to use. But since he started just to get used to and the cheap Dutchman in my heart said NO!! I gave him a second chance given. He looks pretty brutal, and if something truly monstrous performance. Unfortunately, this is a classic case of “barking dogs do not bite”

Sound quality
For a 14 year old gamer who’s never something better heard than a 10 euro event of the action or Beats of dr. Dre, sounds this headset is pretty good. But for someone who has a surround sound set in his room it sounds really as pure crap. I have the headset on multiple computers, phones, and even my amplifier tried. But there’s just simply not a nice sound. And of course I’m a hypocrite since I now have a other moderate headset use(G35), but I simply didn’t have enough money for a good headset.

Microphone is okay, but of the wrong material. By the hard plastic where the microphone is made of sounds the sound is very tinny and robotic. Even when the tip of the microphone is fully extended, the sound will be heard far from acceptable for this price range.

Build qualityt
Pretty robust, since it is mainly built of brittle plastic. He is multiple times of my desk dropped, and I’m 1 times a half to sit on it. And, just like in the photos not seen, there is still no scratch. The accessories that come with it were in my case very disappointing. The usb cable came bent out of the box, and gives problems, so that I don’t use anymore. The 3.5 Jack cable to my idea of the cheapest junk that logitech was able to find on a Japanese website. Fortunately, the 3.5 mm jack and USB to Micro-USB cables are not hard to find in an average household.

For a child with a little too much savings is a good purchase as he is likely to be very long lasting. But what pure quality, logitech there is absolutely more than 100 euro for may questions. And to be honest, I don’t know where the money for the build of these things is going, but in any event not to where to go. The sound quality of the speakers and the microphone.

Ease of use
Logitech gaming series is not exactly plug in play, but once you have the Logitech Gaming software installed you can get quite a few things such as the lights and audio levels very easily adjustable. The 3 G buttons are in a separate place. Before you hit the G1 button you will probably have your volume once adjusted, and your microphone muted. That the mic mute when you fold up is a nice feature.

The ear cups are not particularly soft, but not necessarily annoying to wear. As a decent game and music addict I can confirm that someone with floppy ears like me, this headset for more than 6 hours together can wear without burden. The headset is very annoying to have it on your neck to wear. because the ear cups are reasonably stiff and against your throat to go terminals, which makes it quick did you? word.

Final conclusion
This is an overpriced, well-built, bad-sounding, luminous headset for children and adults who have no sense of sound. If I use this headphones as a gift would get, I would ask for the receipt. A real disappointment from my favorite company for affordable gaming supplies.

Used in combination with:

  • Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard
  • Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse
  • Medion Akoya P2222 D
  • MSI GE72 2QC(Apache)-210BE

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