JBL Pulse 2 Black – san1999der


Hello dear readers, this besprek I have the jbl pulse 2 I also have a review placed on coolblue what I as a basis I have used though I must explain that the pulse 2 now back again is gone especially the loudness was disappointing to Still be aanteraden


  • Bass near walls
  • Light effect lighting also prism lens works enough
  • Full adapter/usb cable supplied with eu/uk attachments
  • Full volume is a little distorted
  • Battery lighting effects 4-6 hours without 7-9 hours
  • Stable mode (vibrate is not off)


  • Material feels and smells a bit cheap(except basradiators), surface Finish speaker grill is not everywhere well-closed
  • High volume low bass/mono sound/may not be lying(rolling)
  • Lighting effects are not on the rhythm of music and some Hissing sound from the top basradiator
  • Stofblijft in the uitkapingen(speakergrill)
  • Duration, and volume is itself softer than a 50 euro bluetooth speaker that I have here are
  • Little adjustments with the app

Final conclusion

Score: 3Per criterion

Mid – and help

Score: 2

Have him delivered to him by coolblue nice fleet and in a separate box from the other order super. lwa Now unpacking what a feast the box looks very promising, below the content: Jbl pulse 2 (of course) ac power Adapter (with eu/uk attachments) Usb cable Manual first, but let it load approx. 3 hours, When associated yes must say sound is good warm sound. Bass/treble is good only is the bass the best if you have him in an angle (corner). The bass are missing out on higher volume also personally, I find that there is more power in had could sit. The light effects are super nice especially easy with the jbl connect app that is quickly becoming the speaker recognizes, so I often have used. Especially quiet campfire in the woods with the wood to hear the crack that animation, I find the best. Than the battery to a point where the most manufacturers the speaker at 30% of volume, and yes, anyone can 8 hours. Though I must say that the up to 10 hours are feasible in 45% of the volume. Already I noticed that the lighting effects for less spectacular results, all in all, great also the charging time is acceptable. The materials and finish but it feels a little cheap (plastic), and also the workmanship can for 200 euros which is better. I will be faster to use wood or aluminium for a real premium look. Still small dots 1. basradiator is not properly closed, hissing with bass tones. 2. Panel lights are best bright especially in dark 3. Plastic smells a little strange, Dear readers, I hope you now can make a choice is recommended, yes, but the finish enzo for a less end result. Kind regards sander

Also at coolblue to find lwa

I wait still prefer the jbl charge 3 which is not long in itself, let wait