Germany is in the European championship semi-final



Germany is in the European championship semi-final

What a Thriller, what a passion! The German national Handball team, the youngest Team in the EM, which creates the Sensation against favorite Denmark and, for the first time since eight years back in the semi-finals of the European Championships.

They are the youngest Team in the European championship in Poland and they had so many Verletzungssorgen, but they showed no fear and at the end was the jubilation is even greater: The German Handball children celebrated a 25:23 (12:13)-an upset victory against the house-high favourites Denmark and moved to the great battle into the semi-finals. “We have fought to exhaustion,” said Siebenmeter-king Tobias Reichmann to the TV-channel ARD. National team coach dagur Mongols Sigurdsson summed up: “We just do our thing pulled through, that was a fantastic performance. Head down and not make crazy.”

Faeth and Wolf outstanding

The best pitcher in the fifth victory of the DHB-selection in the series was Steffen faeth with six goals. After the injury loss of captain Steffen Weinhold and Christian Dissinger had Sigurdsson on the same six regulars do without. After a hesitant start and a 2:4 deficit (7. Minute) did the German from Minute to Minute, more confident, and came better into the game. The Defensive to Abwehrchef Finn Lemke turned to the Danish attack with Superstar Mikkel Hansen determined and varied again and again between 6:0 and a offensive 4:2 variant.

Denmark loses despite Superstar Mikkel Hansen (l).

Also the German attack put the initial nervousness quickly, came in the 12. Minute to the 5:5 compensation, and played in the 22. Minute, even a Two-goal advantage (10:8). With four goals in a row beat the Danes back, but the superior faeth held the German selection in the game. With his fifth hit in the fifth litter of trial, he took the 12:13-half-time score. After the change, it remained a tight game, the tension increased every minute. It developed a real defensive battle, both Teams had to open their gates to fight hard, because the goalkeeper Andreas Wolff and Niklas Landin the Danes always better came into play. “I have 60 minutes, not about the result of thought, but on the next Ball”, said the German goalkeeper, his recipe for success.”

In a dramatic final phase was the DHB-selection first, with 21:23 back (53.). But the German Team did not give up, came by Martin Strobel again 23:23-balance and went through a Siebenmeter of Reichmann good two and a half minutes before the end for the lead. Anders Eggert of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt failed in return on Innenpfosten of the German gate. Fabian Re made with the 25:23 for a Minute before the end for the decision.

Dream of the title

Great reflexes by Andreas Wolf (2.v.l.)

With a total of 16 EM-comers undergoing German team is dreaming after the first indent in a European championship semi-final for eight years, even from a very large litter. The only European championship title it had in 2004 under Coach Heiner Brand. On Friday rises in Poland and the semi-finals. “Now everything is possible. We are without pressure to play, be us against no opponents to hide,” said Tobias Reichmann in the ARD. So far only German championship title was in 2004 under Coach Heiner Brand.