Dutchman builds quadrocopter that person can carry


The Dutchman Thorstin Crijns has a quadrocopter built for him in the air. The structure includes a seat in which the driver can sit. There is still a remote need to get the quadrocopter to control.

That reports Omroep Brabant, a news report made by Crijns. In a video shows how the Dutch artist on his drone, surrounded by four arms with propellers. In total there are twenty propellers on the quadrocopter that Crijns the air lift. From the video it appears that the device is indeed manages to keep the Dutchman in the air to get, all that does but a little and by fits and starts. It was, incidentally, a test flight, and the latter indicates that further development is necessary to a ready to use product.

Crijns has big plans with his self-built quadrocopter. He wants nothing less than a revolution in transportation. He sees a future in which everyone on his own drone can sit down, have something writing on a touchscreen and then automatically go to the place of destination is flown. Also, people should by a call to give a drone can call in.

No doubt this vision of the future for some time yet have to wait: not only must the technique be further developed, also, the legislation should be modified to make such concepts a reality.