Defcon-hackersbijeenkomst get program for children


The annual Defcon-hackersbijeenkomst will receive this year a special program for children. Talented young people between eight and sixteen years old should be taught to their arts not to abuse such as ‘black hat’hackers do.

The Defcon Kids program, that on 6 and 7 August in Las Vegas, nevada, is part of the Defcon 19 conference. The emphasis is on Defcon Kids is the use of hacking techniques for positive purposes. Thus the youth during the two-day program will be explained how a wireless network can be better protected and how Google can be used to poorly protected sites or data. Also the cracking of locks and techniques for social engineering on the program.

According to Joe Grand, a 35-year-old hacker and for years a participant at Defcon, a program for young hackers, desperately needed, so he leaves AFP know. Grand, which ever is arrested roads prohibited hackingpraktijken, states that children with hackingskills little to no guidance. This means there is a chance that they are from the bend to fly and end up as a ‘black hat’hacker. Such hackers deploy their skills for criminal activities. Grand therefore wants to children during the Defcon-youth provide additional insight into the utility of ‘ethical hacking’.

Despite the good intentions behind the Defcon Kids program, there is also criticism on the initiative. There are also within hackerskringen questioning for the parts of social engineering and lock picking. Nevertheless, it offers the American secret service NSA on its website CryptoKids material for the youth in the hope of them interested in solving cryptographic puzzles.