“CBP calls on Facebook to change privacy policy to suspend”


The Dutch data protection authority is going to investigate the new privacy policy of Facebook. The organization has Facebook requested the policy change, not on 1 January but have to wait on the outcome of the investigation.

The CBP examines the new policy to find out what the consequences are for the privacy of Facebook users in the Netherlands. Under more want to the organization clarity about how Facebook consent from users for the use of personal data.

Facebook wants the new terms and conditions per 1 January 2015 let it go but if the supervisor is going to this at a later date to happen, as the investigation is completed. The CBP points out that Facebook is a Dutch establishment and the personal information of inhabitants in the Netherlands is processed, and therefore is authorised to act, which the organization refers to a ruling of the European Court of Justice earlier this year, in the case of Google against Spain.

Facebook announced mid-november to its terms and conditions and data and cookie policy to change. It concerns, in particular, a simplification of the current policy: the size would be 70 per cent are reduced. A lot of the media and organisations took the policy by the clearer wording is renewed under fire, for example, to the use of userdata of the subsidiaries of Facebook, such as Instagram. This, however, has since 2012 in the privacy policy. According to the CBP give the privacy policy of Facebook under the right to information and photos from Facebook profiles for commercial purposes.