Acer Aspire One 10 AO1-131-C3R0 – daflecta


Solid notebook for its price. Small drawbacks are well compensated by the price and reasonable build quality.


  • Affordable
  • Matte screen
  • Build quality and appearance is not so bad
  • Solid keyboard and trackpad for the price
  • HDMI output for Netflix and chill


  • SD card slot where the card half sticking out
  • SSD and RAM not to prepare
  • Sound is mediocre at best

Final conclusion

Score: 5Per criterion

Mobility and battery life

Score: 5

If you have no misplaced expectations, -you paid only 250 euros – would this notebook you may still be able to surprise. This Acer is a Windows alternative to the Chromebook. This is apparent from the limited amount of storage, in combination with 1 year of free OneDrive and Office 365.

Although I’m a great Google fan, I have never seen anything in chrome os because I run certain software simply would miss. When this is solved the problem. Windows 10 is running properly, but don’t expect miracles from the Celeron N3050 CPU. Heavy multitasking is not there, but the use of Office, light browsing, Youtuben in 720p and study evasive behaviour can easily.

Also during lectures, you can fail, because with just 1,2 kilos you can take it easily wherever you go. Additionally, you can charger be left at home for 6 hours of heavy use on a. safety n charge is not unusual. Oh, and passive cooling and an SSD, so silently.

Biggest plus to me continues to amaze: the build quality compared to price. This notebook seems to be all the common mistakes from budget notebooks to work. So is the screen matte, feel of the keyboard and the trackpad is super sturdy and the hinges of the screen is nice and stiff. In addition, he is by his uniform color and texture, yet not so very ugly to look at.

Unfortunately, catching the hobbyist bone, because the RAM is not upgradable, the SSD is replaceable; so you need to really do between 9 and 5 GB free on your SSD, and 2GB of RAM. But not to worry; for as little money as you have a nice netbook that the basic tasks easy to handle.