“Sony will start European sales of the S1 and S2 tablets in september


Sony would plan for its S1 and S2 tablets with Android this autumn in Europe. In August it should be possible to the devices for ordering, then the delivery in september should take place.

Gadgetblog Engadget says an internal memo from Sony’s marketing department, under eyes to have had in which the preorder and the release date is mentioned of a not further specified tablet. Most likely it is the S1 or S2, that Sony earlier this year announced it. From August would orders be adopted, then at the end of september is started with a delay. Presumably the tablets are simultaneously introduced.

The memo contained no details about the countries where the tablets will be released, nor about the prices. Or was it that the tablets in the Uk through the John Lewis department stores will be sold. In addition, they will also have to get through a yet unknown other retailers and in the online shop of Sony itself.

The Sony S1 is a 9.4″tablet, while the S2 is a clamshell design with two 5,5″screens. By what hardware the tablet will be powered is not known. However, Sony has already let you know that the devices on Android Honeycomb will run and that they can be used for PlayStation 1-games to play.