You can play a game of poker is not win of this computer program


Even though you have in each hand a pair of aces or big slick, according to researchers at a Canadian university, the chances are nil that you are ever going to win of their software in a game of Heads Up Limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

The researchers from the Canadian university of Alberta claim in the journal Science that they have this variant of Texas Hold’em, where two players play against each other, have solved. Now, that’s not entirely true, because occasionally the program a bet or a fold, but concluded afterwards that the better something else could have done.

It is notable that the program, named Cepheus, also bluffing mathematical approach. With the same cards on the hand and on the table, does the program not always the same. With a bad hand is doing sometimes a bet, but choose the other times for a fold.

It is not the first time that a computer program is better in a game than even the best human players. With chess and checkers, that happened already, but poker is different. In that game are, in fact, not all elements are visible, because both the cards of the opponent as some of the cards on the table at the beginning of the hand is not to be seen. Therefore, researchers have also focused on a form of poker with only a single opponent. With multiple opponents would be the program to look for more complex solutions.

The researchers have the software trained by it unto himself to play, and then which pots to analyze. They think that the program also benefits out of poker, but how that exactly will look like, they know not yet.

There is still a consolation for people who are not so good in poker. The program has trouble with weaker players, because the strategy of the program therein to be conservative is to thick to be able to win.

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This hand is not enough to bring this advanced computer program to beat