“Vimeo starts offering 4k video On Demand”


Vimeo has started offering 4k videos. For now, however, it is only to paid downloads, making it still not possible to output 4k content to stream. For offering 4k streaming is Vimeo still ‘too early’.

Filmmakers get the opportunity to be with the paid service, Vimeo On Demand video to upload in 4k resolution, says Gigaom on the basis of an interview with ceo Andrew Pile. The upload of 4k footage was previously already possible, but when was the video yet converted to a lower resolution. There Vimeo, and so on, making it possible for users to view images in 4k resolution to view.

At the moment videos in the 4k resolution is only available via Vimeo On Demand, where users videos and movies to purchase. Offer 4k video via the free videostreamingdienst is not available yet. According to Pile, it is still too early to make streaming of 4k video, because there are not enough devices are out there can make use of. Vimeo is expected, however, over time they will begin 4k streaming.

Several providers of online content have been offering 4k video, including via streaming. Among others, Amazon, Netflix and YouTube already offer opportunities for viewing 4k material.