“Valve is going to compete with Twitch with Steam Broadcasting”


Valve has a service for the livestreamen of gameplaybeelden and viewing of those images announced. With Steam Broadcasting is the concern of the competition with, among others, Twitch, and Ustream.

Users of Steam can in their profile or in the friends list of their client a ‘Watch Game’option for live spectating to games that friends are playing. For the service Valve no extra cost in the account and also there are no apps needed, promises Valve. On the community page gives Valve an overview of current streams.

It’s still a beta and players can participate by indicating this in the settings. To be able to look to friends to participate in the test. During the test period the time for watching may be limited, which according to Valve is the result of the roll out to a wider audience.

For now it works Steam Broadcasting only in combination with the Steam Client, Googles Chrome and Apples Safari. With the service, Valve is the competition with other Uplay and Twitch, which is now in the hands of Amazon.