“Tweaker keeps hardware collection to pc’s to deliver to minimums”


A tweaker is started with the collection of hardware for pc’s to continue to deliver. With the components he wants to people with a low income help with a computer. The project focuses mainly on people with children who are still in school.

In a Tweakblog does mveijden or Maurice van Eijden of a call to the hardware to donate. He has started with the collection of hardware to pc’s building and upgrading. With the project he wants to groups that are under or just above the poverty line, with a working computer. If the pc’s ready to spread, the candidates are selected on need. “That assessment we make ourselves. I expect within a week of the first computers to be able to deliver,” says Van Eijden against Tweakers, “People may come and get, but if necessary, they can also be taken away. The pcs are in the region of Nederhorst den Berg distributed.”

Van Eijden is working on a project. As a person who also participate all 23 pc’s collected a ‘full hit’ with 256MB of memory modules. If your operating system has that person chosen for Windows XP, but Van Eijden don’t want to start. He tries the pc’s compatible for Windows 7, but money for licenses to buy is not there. In that sense he is dependent on the software already installed on donated systems. “I myself have little experience with Linux. However if you must, is that also an option,” he says.

In the first instance, was Van Eijden a monitor of a fellow tweaker. To his surprise, there was another pc, that does have fans added to it had to be. At the moment he is still collecting and inventory. The yield is at the time of writing 8 pc’s and in addition, there are 23 monitors, 40 mice and 60 keyboards collected. Furthermore, readers the arrival of 13 pc’s and 5 laptops in the prospect.

“My inbox was soon filled when I saw the blog had posted,” he says. It seized earlier on ddr2 memory, but I have other led him also to help. Components where a surplus is, he is trying to trade for hardware where a shortage is. He further explains pretty much complete, now a full attic and through dm to be accessible for interested parties.

Tweakers has in the past to create a similar action. In december 2013, a Buildfest will be held. In total, that action 277 complete systems will be delivered which have been donated to the foundation Dues. In the action of Van Eijden is Tweakers are not involved.