Tired of wwii shooters?


About a year ago, announced publisher Activision (now known as Activision-Blizzard) on behalf of game developer Infinity Ward Call of Duty 4. The big news was that the series WWII behind herself and cinematic shooting action to modern times would lift. In the next few months, it would appear that Infinity Ward on a masterpiece at the planing was: it was one of the best-selling games of 2007.

It is now known that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare seven million times over the counter is gone. Of course, includes the results of all three sales platforms (pc, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360). In America only, the Xbox 360 version is already 3,04 million sold.

But in the run-up to that release were the ‘columns’ and opinions of many a blogger and gamegerelateerde media is remarkably uniform. The audience was ready with world WAR ii shooters and Infinity Ward had that on time recognized. Nonsense, of course. But especially the gepapegaai of all media was disturbing. Suddenly it was the Second world War, drowsy, dull, chewed up and no longer interesting.

Admittedly, I, too, was equally ready with yet another storming of Normandi lwa or sneak by shot-up villages. And if EA is still time for a WWII game delivers where I have a packet of dynamite in a shiny spot on an anti-aircraft gun need to paste, frisbee I the same game very hard by the window. But that is not to say that I’m done with WWII in shooters. The way is only a training exercise become, in the last few years.

First of all, the Medal of Honor series. This is all years in the doldrums, and that is largely due to lack of quality in the makers themselves. The brilliant minds behind the first Medal of Honor: Allied Assault on pc, and pretty much the blueprint of the WWII-shootergenre as we know, were ever united in a game designer, 2015. By harassment by Electronic Arts and dubious actions regarding the obtaining of rights, followed in 2015 a drain. The vast majority of the team that Allied Assault had made, founded a new studio called… Infinity Ward.

Meanwhile, thought EA that they the MoH series itself, however, even under the hands could take it, with the result that, since Allied Assault and never a game was released that the level of Allied Assault approached. The games that followed were often full of bugs, tried half-heartedly a new idea lwa n which is sometimes good, sometimes less good the paint came out and were often formuleachtige experience. Also the last MoH game, Airborne, despite its entertaining multiplayer, not to the expectations. The series still brings enough money in the coffers, but has little more to do with the heyday of the time. And that is a reason why people have the impression that we’re done with WWII shooters.

Meanwhile, beat Ubisoft slim a side-path with the much more tactical in nature, being Brothers in Arms series. Where MoH and CoD are actually spectacular shooting galleries (more or less on rails), the BiA series fund, which should be used to teamplay. One team takes the enemy under fire (supressing fire), while the other attempts to use the flanks to attack. The third part, Hell’s Highway will fully play in the Netherlands and in the character of Operation Market Garden. It is the first next-gen version of BiA and I can speak from experience and (after several hanson tests with a preview version) that Hell’s Highway there look promising. In any case, reason enough to not yet done with WWII shooters. Ubisoft should just not wait too long with the release of the game for Hell’s Highway threatens in this way, his momentum a little bit to lose.

It is now clear that Call of Duty 5 again in the WWII time period will play, most likely in the Pacific. Is Infinity Ward to repentance? No, it’s not Infinity Ward, but Treyarch makes the game. Infinity Ward refuses every year with a sequel to come so change the studio stuivertje with Treyarch. Both studios are owned by Activision but where Infinity Ward pretty free to act at its own discretion, is Treyarch especially employee. It is the same Treyarch Call of Duty 3 has made, and that was clearly a lesser version than Call of Duty 2 by Infinity Ward was done). As I cynically am then I could say that Call of Duty 5, a required number is. That we again through French villages are going to run, trenches creeping and anti-aircraft installations to blow up. But I hope that Treyarch me wrong lets get. That they are just such compelling moments, think of as the sluipschuttermissie or the from-the-sky-with-satellite imagery-bombing mission from Call of Duty 4. That they could really try new things, surprising game elements and develop the players not only by the droning of the shells and full-screen explosions of their seat and blow it up. Otherwise we get to Call of Duty 6 (who knows a shooter around the French foreign legion, but Modern Warfare 2 would be more obvious) to begin again the same discussion…