Syria: New violence, the struggle for peace


Syria War

Syria: New violence, the struggle for peace

Who is allowed at the negotiating table? Even after the peace talks have been moved, is no agreement between Russia and Turkey in sight. In Syria itself, is committed the IS-militia to bloody attacks.

Attacks, Fights, Dead. Everyday life in Syria, the peace talks break through. Actually had this already yesterday in Geneva took place, but were then on Friday moved. The background is the question of who at the Meeting may participate. It is not agreement among the Syrian parties to the conflict itself, but also the involved in the conflict States. And the point on the day after the cancellation: So the talks are not re-fail, must still do a lot.

Russia is still on a participation of Kurdish representatives of the Democratic Union party (PYD) at the Meeting. It would be unfair and counterproductive not to participate, according to the Russian foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, moreover, it was a “serious violation of international Law”. See Turkey differently. It was “categorically” against the Kurds as a negotiating partner, stressed Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Ankara.

The PYD and its military Arm, the Kurdish Volksverteidigungseinheiten (YPG) to fight, among other things, the militias of the Extremistenorganisation Islamic state (IS) in Syria and by the US military supports. Turkey sees the PYD is the Syrian offshoot of the fought Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).

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Actually, the negotiations on this Monday in Geneva. Differences on the participants blocked the Start. Now called the UN special envoy de Mistura a new appointment: Friday. (25.01.2016)

Since 2011, there is a bloody war in Syria. The parties to return to peace talks together. But who fights ever? An Overview. (24.01.2016)

Stop in Homs

In Syria, meanwhile, again to violence: two explosions in a Pro-government neighborhood in the zentralsyrischen city of Homs died according to Reports by Syrian state media, at least 22 people, more than 100 were injured. A little later known as the so-called Islamic state to the – apparently – Selbstmordanschlägen. The Internet said the Terrormiliz, one of your fighter in an explosives-Laden car in the district of Al-Zahra dangers, in order to blow up. A month ago, only happened there a similar plot. Al-Zahra is mainly used in the religious minority, the Alawite inhabited, which is also Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad belongs.

Homs, Syria’s third largest city, is always the target of attacks

Somewhere else could the President, however, a success can be reported: After weeks of Fighting and conquered his army, according to activists Sheikh Miskin back. The city in the South of the country, near the border with Jordan, is regarded as a strategically important location. She is now back “under full control” of the army, said the so-called Syrian Observatory for human rights in London. During the Battle for Sheikh Miskin were the government troops, therefore, of Russian fighter aircraft support.

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